Application for a Habitat Home

We are now accepting applications for our next build – a duplex with 1 – 3 bedroom house and 1 – 4 bedroom house located at 3364 Cowichan Lake Road, North Cowichan. Please see the attached application form. The deadline for applications is Monday, April 16th 2018. If you require further assistance please contact our office at 250.758.8078 ext. 2 or email:


Please note:

1. Only applicants that do not own their own residents or other property are eligible to be considered as a future Habitat homeowner.

2. Applicants must have lived in the Cowichan Valley area for at least one year to eligible.

3. An applicant must have a verifiable and stable family income for the past 3 years.

4. Applicants who have filed for bankruptcy shall be excluded from the selection process until a discharge of bankruptcy has been received and the applicant has established a subsequent three-year history of income and debt stability.

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I am pleased to discover that my earlier life experiences are helping to make our future homeowners' homes more durable and energy efficient. It's hard work, but gratifying. Peter Meridew, Build Volunteer