Application for a Habitat Home

Applications are currently being accepted for a 2-bed home within our 6-plex development on Jubilee Street, Duncan.


You could be eligible to apply for this opportunity for affordable home ownership with Habitat if your family:

  • Fits a 2-bedroom home (i.e 1 or 2 parents with one child or two younger children of the same gender or 1 adult plus dependent adult)
  • Has some income through employment with a work history of approximately three-years
  • Has lived in the area for at least 1-year
  • Needs a safe, secure and affordable home (the unit can be wheelchair and disability accessible)

See the links below for:


A guide to applicants

A downloadable application form


Deadline for applications is March 31st, 2020.

Applications should be send to our administration office:1-4128 Mostar Road, Nanaimo, BC V9T 6C9


To be put on an emailing list for future affordable housing opportunities, please email with your name and location.



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