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Should I Apply for a Habitat Home?

This document provides information for families interested in applying for a home and partnering with Habitat for Humanity Mid-Vancouver Island (HFHMVI).

What is Habitat for Humanity? HFHMVI is a registered charity whose mission is to bring communities together to help families build strength, stability and independence through affordable home ownership. HFHMVI sells the homes they build with no down payment and an interest free mortgage to low-income families. Families in need of affordable housing partner with HFHMVI by contributing sweat equity hours (see below). We believe in a hand up, not a hand out.

Who can apply? Families including single parent families, couples, families with children and families with elder relatives living in their home can apply.  Applicants must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants and we embrace all socio-economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Building Homes – Building Neighbourhoods: HFHMVI wants to do more than build houses; we also want to build a strong community. We are looking for good neighbours; families who are willing to work with us and with others.

Partnership: Habitat for Humanity does not give away houses. Houses are sold to our Partner Families at current market value, with special provisions including no down payment and an interest free mortgage.

Sweat Equity: Each selected Partner Family will volunteer a total of 500 "sweat equity" hours, which must be completed prior to moving into a Habitat home.  Families will work on the construction of their own or other Partner Family homes, in our ReStore, or other pre-approved charities and fundraising events.  Sweat equity is an important way to demonstrate commitment to home ownership and partnership with HFHMVI. Sweat equity is not a down payment and there is no monetary compensation for sweat equity hours.

Cost and Size of Habitat Homes: Habitat for Humanity builds simple, decent homes with some volunteer labour in order to help reduce construction costs. The Partner Family is also responsible for the payment of property taxes, city user fees, strata fees, insurance, maintenance and all costs associated with owning and maintaining a home.

Next Houses: Meadow Hill Development Phase 3 – 1-three bedroom house, approximately 1,500 square feet; 1-two bedroom handicap-accessible house.

Interest Free Mortgage: The home is purchased from HFHMVI with an interest free, 25-35 year term mortgage that HFHMVI carries. The mortgage has a number of special terms, including a buy-back provision in the event that the homeowner wishes to sell.

How do I apply? You can download the application form here or contact our office for details and to have one mailed to you.

Do I need to submit my CRA forms, pay stubs and Equifax Credit Report?
If you are shortlisted, the Family Selection Committee will advise which documents are required, and you will be reimbursed for any costs associated with obtaining these documents. You do not need to have perfect credit, but show that you are responsibly managing your debt.

TUESDAY, APRIL 18th, 2017 AT 4:00 PM

With your application we require a detailed letter giving the Family Selection Committee additional information about your current situation that is not included in the application form.


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Family Selection Process

Habitat homes are sold to Partner Families:

  • at current market value - with no downpayment and affordable, interest-free mortgages; and
  • the Family Selection Committee reviews the applications, has in-home interviews, then presents their recommendation to the Board of Directors for final approval.


Partner families must meet three essential criteria:

1. Need

Applicants living in substandard housing are given preference. Those currently living in subsidized housing may also be eligible. You must have been living in the community where we are building for at least one year. Some of the factors considered are:

  • Current housing conditions such as poor wiring, ventilation, insufficient heating or bathroom facilities
  • Health conditions - when medical conditions are made worse by current housing
  • Family size as it relates to overcrowding
  • Percentage of income currently spent on housing (more than 30% of gross income spent on housing costs)
  • Safety of neighbourhood in which you currently reside

2. Ability to Pay

HFHMVI does not want to put a family into a situation they cannot afford.
"Ability to pay" means that:

  • A family earns enough income to pay an interest-free mortgage, property taxes, insurance, utilities, strata fees, maintenance and all costs associated with home ownership.
  • You must have a job and show a three year work history. The family's total gross (pre-tax) annual income from all sources must fall between minimum and maximum amounts according to family size.

For a family of three (3) or more, the family's total gross (pre-tax)
annual income from all sources must fall between $37,000 - $60,000

  • The monthly payment is based on 25-30% of the family's total gross family income and covers the mortgage, property taxes, strata fees and insurance.
  • Sources of income considered are employment income, spousal and child support, child care supplements, child tax benefits, pensions and some forms of social assistance. Income is verified for all adults intending to live in the home.
  • The family's income is reviewed annually and the mortgage payments are adjusted accordingly.

3. Willingness to Partner with Habitat for Humanity

Some of the factors considered:

  • Personal references, employment history and credit checks
  • Willingness to participate in Habitat activities and work with Habitat in promotional and media events
  • Willingness to live in a community with families from a variety of socio-economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  • Determination to improve the family's current situation
  • Ability to schedule and complete 500 volunteer hours prior to moving into the new home (see below)

Sweat Equity

Sweat Equity is hands-on involvement of Partner Families in the construction of their own homes, as well as participation in other Habitat and community activities. 500 volunteer hours are required prior to moving into the home, which represent the Partner family's commitment to their Habitat home and community.

Sweat Equity is designed to meet three goals:

  • Partnership — provides meaningful interaction between Partner Families, Habitat representatives and volunteers
  • Pride of Ownership — investing Sweat Equity hours in their own home helps families transition to home ownership
  • Development of Skills and Knowledge — on the build site, Partner Families gain an understanding of the construction of their homes and future home maintenance needs

TUESDAY, APRIL 18th, 2017 AT 4:00 PM

All applications will be reviewed by the Family Selection committee. Eligible candidates will be asked to attend an information meeting in March.

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