Habitat for Humanity – Global Village Program

Habitat for Humanity may work around the corner from you, but we also work across Canada and around the world. To date, Habitat for Humanity International has built, rehabilitated or improved more than 1 million houses in 70 countries and provided shelter for more than 6.8 MILLION people worldwide!


Through Habitat’s Global Village volunteer trips, you can volunteer with us in more than 40 nations. Our trips offer more than just the opportunity to swing a hammer. You’ll experience the country like a local and meet people from around the world. While your trip may last for a week or more, your financial, emotional and physical contributions can be life-changing for both those in the communities where you work and in your own life for years to come.


Habitat for Humanity Canada’s support for the Global Village program impacted 1,404 families in Ethiopia, Cambodia, El Salvador, Honduras and Haiti in 2016.


The Canadian Global Village teams bring invaluable support to the communities they visit. Their concentrated people power and enthusiasm give homeowners a real boost. More homes are built each year because of the donation Global Village teams make to the hosting Habitat affiliates. Global Village teams are composed of eight to twenty volunteers, and are led by one or two experienced volunteers who are trained and supported by the Global Village staff.

You Can Really Make a Difference!

The Habitat for Humanity Canada – Global Village Program

so far in 2017…


56 families in new homes

Fifty-six new Habitat homes have been completed this year in Cambodia, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Dominican Republic. An additional 10 Habitat homes are currently under construction in Malawi.

20 families with improved sanitation

One latrine has been completed so far this year in Ethiopia. It is currently serving 20 families in the community of Fitche, improving sanitation and restoring dignity.

101 at-risk youth volunteers

In El Salvador, 101 vulnerable youth from at-risk areas have engaged in productive activities while volunteering on two Habitat home construction sites in their communities.

131 people provided with training

This year more than 130 people have been empowered through training programs on various topics, including financial literacy, entrepreneurship, family violence, and how to secure land tenure.

If you have a sense of adventure, are in good health and willing to work hard, you can be part of a Global Village team.

Start your journey today!

For more information, visit https://habitatglobalvillage.ca/about-global-village.php


Global Village Honduras


Men mix concrete at a Habitat build site in El Salvador with three Habitat houses under construction in the background.








It has been a pleasure and honour to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, Mid-Vancouver Island. The staff are comprised of a great group of people; organized and easy to work with. Everyone should volunteer at least once!   - Marilyn Wilson, Interior Designer


Global Village volunteers in our community share their story

by Dorota and Melvin Smith, Global Village volunteers


Helping people, to improve living conditions for their family, and travelling the world to get to know it better, are things that are dear to our hearts. Since we have retired, we have made a point of supporting Habitat for Humanity, Global Village, as it allows us to be of service, and leave a tangible legacy, so others can improve the quality of their lives.


Dorota and Melvin in PEI with Global Village 80 days around the world volunteers

Our first Global Village build was in Kauai and it inspired us to go again and again. Hawaiian homeowners worked with us every day and their gratitude was incredibly humbling. They thanked us for creating a better life for them.


Amarante, Portugal, building walls to divide the shell into bedrooms.


“I will be able to have my grandchildren come for a sleepover.” I heard that same sentence in Hawaii and Portugal, from two, very different, but somewhat the same grandfathers. So inspiring!


Since 2013, we have partaken in Global Village builds in Macedonia, Trinidad, Portugal (twice), Chile, Nepal, Poland, as well as two Canadian builds in PEI and Alberta. While volunteering on the builds, we have met many Canadians like us and made many new friends.


Trinidad, Melvin getting house foundation ready for pouring cement.

Required skills!? Open mind and open heart. Willingness to help and to accept that, while you cannot change the world, you CAN improve someone’s life. We have already booked our next Global Village build and will keep going, for as long as we can.


A Habitat for Humanity trip is a charitable donation, and so is the airline ticket. Money back means that we can go on more trips; in Canada and around the World.