November 23rd, 2017 marks the completion of Habitat for Humanity Mid-Vancouver Island’s Meadow Hill Development with the Unit 5 and 6 Dedication Ceremony.


Justin, Bianca and their children Nevaeh and Bristol are the new Habitat homeowners of Unit 6, a three bedroom home. Justin and Bianca have been paying high rent for an old house which has humidity issues causing mold, mildew and an infestation of silverfish throughout the house. The rental is cold as well, so running heaters and dehumidifiers creates a large hydro bill. The conditions inside the house cause health issues and frequent colds for both children. Moving into their new Habitat home will mean that Justin, Bianca and their children will live in a safe, healthy, affordable home.


“Becoming a future Habitat homeowner is a life-changing experience. We are at a loss of words for such an amazing opportunity. With our Habitat home, we will have security, stability, comfort and a safe place we can call home. We literally have won the lottery. We wished for our own home but to save up for a down payment is impossible with the expensive cost of rent and incredibly high hydro bills. It would have never been possible without partnering with Habitat for Humanity. We feel so blessed and want to thank everyone that was and is a part of our future home.” ~ Justin, Bianca and their children Nevaeh and Bristol


Pam and her daughter Kaitlyn are the new Habitat homeowners of Unit 5, a two bedroom, disability-accessible home. Special provisions and upgrades to the house were provided to allow Kaitlyn, who is in a power chair, to have independence to move around the house on her own. Habitat Mid-Vancouver Island is providing strength, stability and independence to Pam and Kaitlyn through affordable homeownership.


“To be chosen for this house means my daughter, who has a neuromuscular disease called Friedreich’s Ataxia, can move around freely in her power chair. This house will let my daughter LIVE again and there are no words I can say on how very, very grateful I am for that,” said Pam. Kaitlyn also mentioned, “Having an accessible house to me was always a dream; I never imagined it to be possible. Being able to go and hang out in the living room, watch TV with my Mom, go out with friends without worrying about who will help me get downstairs, etc. I am beyond grateful. Thank you so much.” ~ Pam and her daughter Kaitlyn