Habitat Mid-Vancouver Island Community Engagement Manager Sarah Pachkowsky fell in love with the people of Nicaragua when she was there as part of an international build program in April. That is why news of the political unrest there is so concerning to her and the team.

In order to show support to the local people and our colleagues at Habitat Nicaragua, Sarah and the other team members are planning a fundraising event, in the hopes to return to the country when it becomes more stable and help build more homes for local people.

The fund raising event takes place from 6pm on July 6th at the Cavalotti Lodge in Nanaimo and the $25 ticket cost includes a dinner of traditional Nicaraguan fare and entertainment by the Mike Clement Trio band. There will also be a silent auction and door prizes on the night.

Sarah Pachkowsky said: “When I returned from Nicaragua I already knew I wanted to fundraise to help to build more homes over there, but now I feel it is even more important as during this time of political unrest the Habitat Nicaragua team have had to halt all their work and cancel all international team builds.”

“Despite the difficult circumstances over there, the fundraising evening will be one of fun and positivity. We hope to raise enough money to help Habitat Nicaragua get back on track with their home building projects once they are able to resume their work.”

Tickets for the event can be purchased at the Habitat for Humanity Office which is located at #1 – 4128 Mostar Road, next to the ReStore. The office is open from 8.30 – 4pm daily. Alternatively, contact Sarah via email s.pachkowsky@habitatmvi.org to arrange purchase of tickets.


For more information on Nicaragua and the current political situation there click the link below.

Nicaragua Information Sheet