Saturday June 22the Duncan ReStore had the pleasure of paring with Blend creative and vintage studio, a local company to breath some life into some furniture that was donated to our ReStore.


Wendy and Sarah from Blend Creative and vintage studio are a mother and daughter pair that started their company on March 1, 2019. Though their passion for painting furniture started years before., Wendy and Sarah are active members of vintage markets, like altered olives vintage market, to name one, and experts at breathing new life into old furniture.


Wendy and Sarah picked out a beautiful table from our ReStore, and worked their magic! Throughout the painting demonstration, the table went from a simple wooden table, to a beautiful and unique piece, all within a couple of hours.



In the midst of sanding and painting, Wendy and Sarah chatted with customers about techniques they were using, what paints worked better for what project, and what services Blend offered to their customers.

 “The most fulfilling aspect of what we do is when people come in thinking ‘there’s nothing artistic in me’” said Wendy “and they leave feeling proud about what they’ve accomplished. I like to see people succeed, that feels good to me!”


We talked with Sarah about what meant the most to her about having her own business with her mom, and what that meant to her,

“The most exciting part of what I do is when people are really excited to create their own pieces and get involved. I just like giving people hope that they don’t have to go to a 9-5 job, they can be creative with their job! You don’t need a degree to have fun!”




If you’ve caught the creative bug, or want to make a donation, make sure you stop by one of our ReStore locations to pick up your next piece, or contact us at


Nanaimo ReStore: 250-758-8079 ext 1


Duncan ReStore: 778-455-1888


A special thank you again to Blend creative and vintage studio for their time and expertise on teaching us how to upcycle!