Claude is a wonderful addition to our Duncan ReStore, becoming part of our family in the fall of 2019. Looking for a way to be able to give back to his community and support, Habitat Mid-Vancouver Island seemed like the perfect match for Claude…

“It is a perfect fit for me since the work goes towards helping families achieve stability and security of affordable homeownership; something most of us struggle with for a major part of our adult lives. I am grateful for everything that I have in my life and want to help others feel the same way about theirs and Habitat is a great vehicle to pay it forward.”

Claude is a multi-talented addition to our team, helping with bringing in donations, scheduling deliveries, inspecting and cleaning any donations such as appliances, cabinetry, lighting and building materials. The addition of music and a constant stream of new faces and regular customers Claude’s day flies by! Of course the wonderful music, smiles, and little dance parties help!

“The best part is that volunteering at Habitat is like joining an extended family.  Meeting new people and listening to their stories, their needs, their ideas and projects is what makes the work worthwhile.  There is ongoing camaraderie and a general sense of useful purpose that permeates each and every day, every action.”

Having volunteers such as Claude bring a lightheartedness and joy to everything we do! Thank you Claude for being such an amazing volunteer! We miss you!