Peter is a new addition to our hard working team at the Duncan ReStore, being with us for a short 5 months! But that does not stop Peter from bringing his excitement and passion to our ReStore.

Peter started his journey with Habitat Mid-Vancouver Island as a ReStore customer, and was excited when he learned that he could also volunteer, and give back to his community.

“I’ve volunteered a lot before, with different organizations, but volunteering with Habitat for Humanity just made sense. I really feel like what I do helps people help themselves”

Everyday volunteering is a little bit different, and has no shortage of diversity in tasks. Some days Peter helps with picking up deliveries or donations, delivering donations to customer houses, repairing fixtures or appliances, and working the floor of the ReStore to make sure its more functional for customers to navigate through!

“I encourage everyone to volunteer, especially for something they are passionate about. For me, It’s helping other’s in my community. Anyone’s skills are welcomed at Habitat, that’s what I love about it, it is such a unique opportunity to help your community!”

Having volunteers that are so passionate about their community like Peter are so important! Thank you for being such an amazing volunteer Peter! We miss you!