‘I’m so grateful. This is such a good opportunity for my daughters”


Sadie Thomas and daughter Raeanne (14) and Janna (10) have spent the past few years living in her parents’ home on the Halalt First Nation Territory, with Sadie and Janna sharing a room. “Its definitely been crowded” Said Sadie “Now we will all have our own space and my daughters will have their own rooms. That’s a big deal for them!”

Sadie is proof that determination can pay off. She had previously applied for Habitat’s Duplex, built in the Cowichan Valley in 2019) and although she was shortlisted she was not successful. When the opportunity to apply for the 6-plex came up she tried again.


“I’m so glad I did! My daughters have been so supportive, encouraging me along the way and I’m so happy to provide a positive example for them, that determination pays off.”

Sadie’s ultimate goal is to eventually build her own home on the Halalt First Nation Territory and she knows that the stability of owning a home with Habitat will help that dream become a reality.


“It is amazing to know that when I decide its time for me to move on, I can sell the home back to Habitat to be passed on to another local family in need.”

Although she is a little nervous about the responsibility of being a homeowner, Sadie is excited and proud to have the chance to be independent.