"My kids were afraid day or night to go outside."

In the Spring of 2005, after inheriting and moving into their grandmother’s house, the original Habitat homeowner on Rosehill Street sold her home back to Habitat for Humanity Mid-Vancouver Island, receiving the principle back on her no-interest mortgage.


Anne Marie and her two children Justelina and Nolan were selected to be the future homeowners. The townhouse that they lived in had enough space, but there was mould in both the windows and the carpeting. Both Anne Marie and her son Nolan suffered from severe allergies and Nolan was very sick in the last few years because of the dust and mould. There was a lot of drinking and drugs in the area where they lived and Anne Marie commented, “My kids were afraid day or night to go outside.”


After painting and refurbishing the home, Anne Marie and her two children became the new homeowners and moved in at the end of January 2006.