For Ashlee, providing her daughter Leanna with stability and safety was the driving factor behind applying to be a Habitat Partner Family. The duo had moved 6 times in 7 years. “I had to move every years for various reasons,” she says. “From mold issues and unsafe building to family members moving into the unit I was renting.”

The home she was living in when she found out she had been selected to partner with Habitat was one room that Ashlee and Leanna had to share and the rent was high. Ashlee said that being selected felt like she could finally provide a stable place for her daughter. “I still don’t feel like it’s real,” she says.

The difference for Ashlee and Leanna will be life changing. “I think it will be a complete game changer. My daughter and I will have the ability to make neighbourhood friends and us parents will have a good community and support system – something I know everyone needs more of in life.”

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“Being a homeowner will be a complete game changer for my daughter and I.”